Acupuncture Cupping Bulb Detail


When people think of Cupping they often think of it only for the treatment of pain conditions; however there are many more therapeutic benefits to Cupping; such as ridding the body of toxins, strengthening different organ systems, increasing nutrient absorption, increasing the body’s anti-inflammatory capabilities and stimulating the endocrine system.

Cupping therapy helps to pull toxins out of the tissues and brings it to the skins level; from here the pores expand discharging some of these toxins, hence you often see colour change on the skin’s surface, from here the rest of these wastes are brought to the body’s circulatory and lymphatic systems where it is then properly flushed out, thus allowing room for new blood to reach these previously stagnant toxic areas.

In addition cupping helps to rid the body of Preservatives/Food Additives, Carcinogens, Pesticides, Steroids, Antibiotics, Hormones, Aluminum and other Heavy Metals, Nitrates, Carbon Dioxide and Lactic Acid. When these agents become stagnant in the muscles, joints and different bodily systems this can  create pain and lead to dysfunction within the body.

Cupping is very beneficial for many conditions, such as:

What other patients say:

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