Angela is absolutely amazing! She is a beautiful vibrant light In this world. You leave your appointment feeling positive and refreshed.

I have a large amount of allergies, intolerances, health issues that we have been getting to the bottom of. She is helping me not only get my health on track but my emotional and spiritual state. After only 3 sessions I can already see a huge shift in my health. Thank you so much Angela!


Angela is amazing! I love our appointments over the past few months, I’m one of those that had so much stuff messed up with my body. I use to have migraines 4 times a week at least and now it’s maybe once a month. I never really knew what acid reflux was and thought what was happening was normal but wow now I never get it, it’s wonderful! also I’ve tried so many different things to lose weight and with Angela I’ve already lost 17 lbs. I’ve also had asthma my whole life and am allergic to everything but now I maybe take my inhalers once every week to two weeks now instead of every day. Angela has helped me out so much, I look forward to our appointments every week, she’s such a caring person who wants to help me in every way she can. I recommend her for everyone.


Angela is The Doctor in my world of My Healing. Hi I am a 58 year old female, I was diagnosed with Graves disease September / 2018 this is a Hyper Thyroid which in my case tried to kill me by giving me heart attack. Seeing doctors, Heart Specialist, Thyroid Surgeons and Endocrinologist with left with no options in the medical field other than these two choices surgically take out my Thyroid or drink Radio Active Iodine possibly drinking it two or three times. Not curing pushing my thyroid into Hypo which doctors could hopefully control with medication. As for quality of life no guarantee. The things that have improved is I had three nodules on my thyroid one is gone and the other two are considerably small my T3 ,T4 levels are in the normal range my TSH has come up but still low and my heart is normal. I take minimal prescription medication and my goal is to take none. Angela has done testing and we are treating virus that she has detected knowledge , medical training has been literally life saving to me. Her compassion and great personality is the bonus in todays world. I have taken Massage and worked for Chiropractors seen amazing things happen for people, when you are dealing with the whole body and what it can do for it self when you find someone like Angela that knows what to do and how to help you is one in a million. I will continue my journey with Angela knowing she will help me find the right steps in my life to solve this issue in my body.

Thank you Angela

The Woodward Family

Angela has helped myself and both my kids ages 3 & 5. When i first took my son to her, he was 2 and had a terrible diaper rash. He was so broke out we could barely put clothes on him. With in one treatment of NAET the rash healed up to 90% by the second treatment it was gone. Angela has helped both of my kids stabilize their energy levels, allergies and they love going to see her. She has used a body scan as well as acupuncture on myself. I cant believe how accurate the body scan was. Acupuncture helps me with migraines, sore joints and body aches. She is a wonderful Practitioner and we love going to see her.


Angela you saved me from day to day headaches.The ear seeds you put in my ears worked miracles. Honestly nothing has come close to helping with my pain. This helps me be a better overall person, husband and father to my kids. Thank you so much; you’re my doctor for life!


My husband and I both LOVE our appointments with Angela. We both have noticed some big shifts in our bodies since we made acupuncture a part of our life, StillPoint is a big part of our self care these days. Angela’s intuition and healing abilities are AMAZING! Highly recommend you book your session and give it a try!

Babuick Family

We started seeing Angela in March, because my youngest suddenly wasn’t able to eat fruit and that was the junk food in his diet. After a couple of treatments we started to see results, he could eat fruit without having an allergy reaction anymore. Not only did the tingly/fuzzy tongue symptoms clear up; his skin wasn’t all dry & itchy anymore. Then in October, my oldest started treatment for dairy sensitivity. His only complaint, he wishes he would’ve started going sooner. My boys and I can’t rave about our experience enough and highly recommend Angela to anyone we talk to. Try it, with an open mind & you may be pleasantly surprised at your results!


After spending far too long searching for something that was going to give me even the slightest bit to relief, from not only the immense amount of abdominal pain, bloating and anxiety. I was suffering but the isolation I was heading for. I was of course skeptical and unsure of the whole healing that I was going to receive. I was amazed the next morning after seeing Angela the energy and clarity I woke up with. Generally the mornings would have been filled with extreme flu like symptoms for the first 3 hours of my day. Naturally bringing fear of being anywhere but home, even the thought of going back to work full time.

I can never thank you (Angela) enough for not only listening and being completely transparent when it comes to my health, I’m looking forward to my next appointment.

I can not thank you enough..xo


I leave after my appointments with Angela feeling way different than when I came in. She makes you feel loved and cared for, she truly wants to help heal people and it shows. Finally something is helping with my anxiety and health issues!! Our area is so blessed to have Angela.


I had my first (of many in the future) appts tonight. I love everything about Angela and her business. I left not feeling better physically (that’ll take more time) but mentally and emotionally I wasn’t so injured. Thank you Angela!! See you again very soon!


I have had a sore tummy for my whole life until I met this angel named Angela and now my life has changed for the better and I still have more to work on but I give a great big hug to Angela. Thank you thank you.

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